5 Best Beauty Products With Lemon As Animportant Ingredient

Lemon is a wonderful fruit loaded with vitamin c. This vitamin c works well on the body in the form of antioxidants. The antioxidants control the free radicals that tend to cause damage to the body. Lemon is also good for balancing the ph content of the body.

This tangy fruit has lot many qualities that make it perfect for natural beauty products.

1. Cleansing property– Lemon has deep cleansing property. It has the ability to remove impurities deep-seated in the face. Thus it serves as a natural cleanser.

2. Bleaching effect– Lemon acts as a bleaching agent. It removes the unwanted dark spots and blemishes from the face.

3. Moisturising quality– It has a gentle moisturising effect on the body. It hydrates the body properly and gives a brightening effect.

4. Gentle exfoliation– Without exfoliation, skin becomes dull and loses its charm. Lemon has a good exfoliation effect on the skin.

5. Anti-bacterial nature– The anti-bacterial nature of this fruit makes it good enough for oily & acne prone. Acne & pimples are quite nicely kept in check with a formulation with lemon extracts.

Now have a look at the beauty products that have lemon in them and are useful for the skin

1- Natural Face wash– A face wash with lemon extracts is the product widely used by men and women. It is gentle and cleans the skin properly. Such face washes are perfect for oily skin and also take care of the blackheads.

2- Face creams– There are many face creams specially formulated with lemon extracts to give glowing skin. People with dark complexions tend to use such creams more as these creams also provide a lightening effect on the skin.

3- Acne treatment products– Products that contain lemon extracts are good for curing skin. The antibacterial effect keeps the acne-causing bacteria in check, reduces the redness and makes the skin clean & clear.

4- Face Scrubs– Scrubs are formulated to remove unwanted dead cells. Scrubs with lemon particles can clear in a better way & remove blackheads as well. Such scrubs are best suited for oily and are mild on the skin.

5- Anti-dandruff shampoo– Bacterial action is to be blamed for dandruff on the scalp. An anti-dandruff shampoo with lemon can deal with dandruff effectively. It also controls the excess secretion of scalp oils. Scalp with no dandruff is healthy and leads to better hair growth.