Lip Care Tips For Beautiful Lips

Taking care of lips can be really difficult at times. These are the most delicate, and sensitive parts of the body. It is required to keep them in proper condition or else lip colours and lipsticks will never do justice to your beautiful face. Most importantly, when not provided with good care, the sores & cracks can be really painful at times and give you trouble even while eating and drinking. In the winter season, this challenging task becomes bigger as the cold winds take away the nourishment, softness of the skin, making them chapped, dry and ugly.

So here are some tips that can help you in taking good care of your lips

1. Exfoliate regularly– One step that we should never miss is exfoliation. It is essential to shed off the dead skin from the lips. Once the dead skin is removed properly, supplying nourishment becomes easier. Make your own scrubs to clean the dead skin gently. Use some sugar mixed with lemon juice as a natural sugar scrub. Apply it and leave it for few seconds. Stop when the dead skin has been removed. This will make your lips super smooth.

2. Nourishment– Proper nourishment is required by chapped lips to make them look pink and beautiful. Lip balm is the most appropriate nourishment in such cases. Make a habit of carrying balm with you wherever you go. Or you can make a natural balm at home with some common ingredients. Take some coconut oil and add few drops of tea tree essential oil to it. Apply this mixture gently. Let it stay for the night to get smooth lips in the morning.

3. Drink More– Hydrated lips do not become dry and chapped easily. The chapping and dryness begins when there is not sufficient amount of water in the body and its supply to the lips is prohibited. Make a habit of drinking more and more water. It not only keeps the lips beautiful but also keeps the skin glowing and shiny. Usually, 2 litres of water is considered good for the system.

4. Foods– Eat foods that make the lips soft and better. Take in more things that contain water in them or are extremely nourishing. Fruits with vitamins are the best for our body. Dry fruits can also supply the much-needed nutrition to our body. This is because of the presence of omega 3 fatty acids in these foods.

Points to remember

i. Do not lick your lips as this habit can make them dry.

ii. Always apply a lip balm with SPF to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

iii. Limit the caffeine content in your body. A dehydrated body cannot have beautiful lips.

iv. Always apply a good moisturiser on the lips before going to bed. This nourishment will make you look beautiful on the next day.